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Welcome to the Golden Estate Lawyer website. I'm Anders Almgren your Golden Estate Lawyer.  

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My Story

I've been practicing law with a passion for helping individuals and businesses succeed since I became a lawyer.  Estate planning is the cornerstone of my practice. I understand the importance of securing your legacy and protecting your loved ones. Whether you need help with wills, trusts, or comprehensive estate plans, I offer personalized services to ensure your wishes are honored.

With a diverse background in contracts, energy, and technology, policies and procedures, trademarks, and intellectual property, I am also well equipped to handle your business. My goal is to ensure your business operations run smoothly and your legal interests are well-protected. My strong skills in contract drafting and negotiation, business law and compliance, customer service, accounting, and business management allow me to provide a one-stop-shop approach to legal counsel, ensuring all aspects of you and your business are covered.
Your success is my priority. I'm not happy if you are not happy. Let's work together to solve your legal challenges and meet your goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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