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Anders Almgren is your Golden Estate Planning Lawyer that will help tailor a plan to protect your legacy, family, and peace of mind. 

Golden Estate Lawyer provides comprehensive services in the greater Orange County area as well as all of California virtually, for all your wills, trusts, estate administration and business planning needs. 

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It's your estate, you should decide what happens with it.

Putting a plan in place helps to ensure that your family is taken care of in accordance with your wishes, provides for your care of your minor children, and what happens to you in case of a medical emergency when you are incapable of making decisions. Planning also helps reduce to the need for your estate to go through probate, which is the State's plan for you if you don't have one. This can be a long, emotional, and costly process for your loved ones, and one that is more likely result in dissonance. 

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Peace of Mind Planning  

Get started in getting your affairs in order, give yourself the peace of mind to focus your energy elsewhere and enjoy the important things in life. 

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Contact your Golden Estate Attorney

Estate planning is overwhelming for most, but not having a plan or a poorly made one can lead to unintended consequences and unnecessary stress for you and your family during challenging times. Personalized guidance tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances awaits when you take the first step towards securing your legacy and protecting your family's future. Reach out today!

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